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Review :Darker After Midnight

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The Blurb

Once a morally rigid enforcer of Breed law, now a warrior fallen from grace, Chase's biggest battle is the one he wages against his own savage nature. With Bloodlust beckoning him, the path to redemption has never seemed more out of reach--until he finds himself drawn to a beautiful young woman who may be something much more than she seems . . 

Darker After Midnight is the long awaited story of Sterling Chase aka Harvard. I am not going to post a lot about the story because I have already erased and re-typed this about 4 times because I ultimately ended up telling the entire story (spoilers and everything).  I am just running on the assumption that some of you have not read this book. Although, more than likely at least 90% of you have read it

Anyway as I said this is Chase’s story. It is full of action, heartbreak, emotions, and personal struggles. Lara Adrian has not disappointed me! Usually as a series goes on and on I find myself reading through the same story but with different characters and slightly different locations. Ms. Adrian has really kept me captivated through the entire series. Each story has its own way of playing out and other than the occasional detail that may seem similar none of them are lacking. Chase’s story is no different in that way. He is on an emotional roller coaster and finds himself in some compromising situations. Ultimately this is my favorite book out of the series by far. I have waited forever for Chase to have his own book and now that it is finally here I have read it not just once but many times. His story is one that I found myself relating to more than the others. Funny how a vampire book can be related to my real life huh? Well, Chase is that one character that I could relate to more than the others simply because of his personality and some of the things he goes through. He is a full and profound character and really brings out the inner girl in me. No he isn’t gay but he is just the right kind of character to make you think about your own life. Now, don’t get me wrong this book is not all serious there are numerous parts that I chuckled over. However, I think Chase’s story is much deeper than the other books in this series. I followed him throughout the series and now that he has had his own book, I look forward to how he may grow and change throughout the rest of the series. Will he sit silently in the background like he found himself doing as of late? Or will the Harvard we all knew from earlier in the series return with a vengeance? If you have not read this one yet please go get it—whether it is from the library, you buy it for yourself or for your e-reader.

So, now that I have rambled and not really given anything away( heck, I really haven't told you much)-----If you have read Darker After Midnight what did you think? Too serious? Not enough action? How about the twist that was put in there with the 1st Gens?????  If you haven't yet had the chance to read it----What are you excited for in this story? What do you think the ultimate outcome for Chase will be??

   I would really love to hear all of your opinions.

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