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Review: Hunt The Moon By Karen Chance

ISBN:0451413075 (ISBN13: 9780451413079)
edition language:English
series: Cassandra Palmer #5


Cassandra Palmer recently defeated a god, which you'd think would buy a girl a little time off. But it doesn't work that way when your job description is Pythia-the world's chief clairvoyant. Cassie is busier than ever, trying to learn about her power, preparing for her upcoming coronation, and figuring out her relationship with the enigmatic sexy master vampire, Mircea.

But someone doesn't want Cassie to become Pythia, and is willing to go to any lengths to make sure the coronation ceremony never happens- including attacking her mother before Cassie is even born


We follow Cassie, the new Pythia, as she finds her way in this new role. She doesn’t want to be Pythia and has repeatedly told everyone that will listen and even those who won’t. She is in a struggle because she just doesn’t think she has what it takes to be a great Pythia like the ones before her. She has not had any formal training and was just thrown into this whole mess. It seems the power chose her and now she is stuck with it. Follow her as she finds herself mixed up and turned around when it comes to everything…from something as simple as keeping a dress nice to something as complex as whom she is in love with. She has many a romantic thought about her bodyguard (whom by the way has a huge secret that is revealed in this book) and she is also trying to “date” a vampire (who is trying to keep her quarantined to home so she won’t get hurt) throw in the mages who are after her, a new God, and is that a FREAKING DRAGON????(Well, you will see) along with running into her mom (who has been dead for years) and this makes for a really awesome story!
I took it upon myself to start at the beginning of the series and let me just tell you…this one is my favorite so far! It has all kinds of twists and turns in the sequences and it is really told well. I loved the characters and I can find myself getting frustrated right along with Cassie. The story reads really well and I found myself not wanting to put it down. Please go out and get this book it really is well worth the time!!
I give this 5 Howls!

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Hello Everyone.

 Some of you may have noticed that The blog has had some changes. Unfortunately my friend Candice who did all of the YA book Reviews has decided to take a break. She has been having some health issues and needs to take the time for herself instead of trying to keep up with the blog , a child and her health. I will be taking over everything until she may decided to come back. please bear with me as i do not have a lot of technical

Please join me in Thanking Candice for all her wonderful reviews and wish her a speedy recovery!

* Girl you just relax, and concentrate on getting well and taking care of your self and your family! I sure will miss your reviews though!*



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Feature & Follow Friday

Q: Keeping with the Spirit of Giving this season, what book do you think EVERYONE should read and if you could, you would buy it for all of your family and friends?

Oh my goodness this is a hard one for me! I have so many favorites! If I had to choose just one though I think it would have to be Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison.
I absolutely love her elder races books. I have read and re-read all of them about 50 times! if you haven't read them yet definately check them out!

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Review: Touch The Dark

Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer, #1)Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cassie is in for a fight. Both against the vamp who basically stole her life and her destiny. She is a seer, can see ghosts and the future. She escaped the vamp who killed her parents and held her prisoner(though it was a very guilded cage) and now she finds herself on the run from him again. Tony is a mean vamp who has decided if he can't have her then no one will. She turns to the Senate (the governing body of vamps) where she incounters Mircea, Tony's Master. She needs their help to keep away from Tony and kill him if possible. However, they want something from her. Enter the mage Pritkin, he is a Silver Circle mage(they are sorta good) and he outwardly hates her. It seems she is to be the next Pythia(the one person who can alter the timeline and whom no one challanges) Huh...this is crazy...cassie doesn't want it at all....


I though this book was really good. I know there are some out there who say it is too much like The Anita Blake novels, but I have to disagree. While some of the underlying tones are the same overall the series of events and the characters are really nothing like those in the Anita Blake novels. I love how Chance put all these various characters from history into her books. From Kit Marlowe to rasputin. you have one extreme to another when it comes to the characters and I love it. It is a seamless transition between history and present. We get a little background on the characters just enough to know whom they are and then the story is off and running again. I am waiting to see what might become of the relationships Cassie is developing and how her possibly being the next Pythia will eventually turn out. By the end of this book I was biting my nails and frantically searching online to find the next book.

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Review: Secrets Of The Demon

Secrets of the DemonSecrets of the Demon by Diana Rowland

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kara is a demon summoner. In this book she finds herself working closely with Ryan(whom she secretly can't decide if she loves him) and Zack, both special agents with the FBI. Their relationship is a struggling one. he hates demons..and kara just can't figure out why. They are working on a task force together to "investigate financial crimes". Though that is not really all the task force does. It takes care of all the crimes that are "wierd". So in this book they are trying to find out who or what is going around taking out members of a band. It all started with the lead singer and has progressed from there. All they keep finding are smudges of mud. Meanwhile Kara someone is trying to summon she summons demons. She can't figure out what is going on so she summons her demon Lord to give her a few answers. He is very mad that someone would try to summon his Kara. He tells her to summon another demon who will protect her. So she goes about worrying who is killing band members and who is trying to summon her. Towards the end she finds out som startling things about Special Agent Ryan that has her questioning if he really is just human.....

My Review:

I really loved this book! The plot seemed a little stretched at times but all together it was a great book. The characters relationships have deepened and have taken on a more normal feel to me. There is plenty of action and intrique. A lot of the questions that were left un-answered at the end of Mark of The Demon have been answered in this book. However, at the end of this one there ae more questions. I do know that the anticipation is unbearable....I really want to know what is going to happen next! :) I can not say enough that this book is so far my favorite of the series. The second book seemed to fizzle out, but Diana redeems herself in this one. It is action packed, mystery, paranormal romance, and detective/forensics all rolled into one dynamic flowing story.

 I look forward to reading the next book in the series to see where Diana decideds to take things.

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100 Followers Giveaway!!

So hello everybody just wanted to let you all know that we are gonna have a giveaway as soon as we hit 100 followers. Kristina and I also want to thank you all for following us and being faithful followers, so get all your friends over here and join and to try and win a $20 Amazon Giftcard. Thanks again everybody and Happy Reading!!


eARC Review: Dreaming of the Wolf by Terry Spear

Jake, (the pack leader) is very upset when he goes to deliver his art to the gallery and finds that it is closed. But his mood lightens when he spots a lovely and mysterious woman. It brings up questions of who is she and how can he meet her?

Alicia is a bounty hunter (recently acquired position) and is on the hunt for her newest target Mario. She is taking this one personal because Mario is possibly involved in her mother’s death.

 Jake (the handsome stranger) saves her from drawing  un-wanted attention to herself. They get along great. But can these two put aside their pasts and make it work?

Alicia has problems with feelings. Feeling towards men, she has a general squick factor when it comes to being emotionally involved with men.

So I was anxious to see where this story was going to lead. I was pleasantly surprised, as I am sure you all will be too!


This was a quick read. It had action and the scenes were well written. There is chemistry between the main characters that is completely natural. It makes you wonder if they truly are fictional characters or based off of real life people.  I loved the fact that the dynamics between characters was so smooth. I cannot say this enough time…I have read too many books where the relationships seem strained almost forced. This book was a smooth read. Seamless even. I had no problem following the story and finding myself immersed in what would happen next.

I loved the fact that both main characters noticed each other from a distance. It was all mystery and romance. It was a nice change from the usual stuff for me!

Anyhow overall it is a good quick read. Action, Romance, a little laughter (at least for me)

Definitely worth the time to read this one guys!

Buy It Here:

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Feature & Follow Friday

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don’t like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

I think the only two things that really bothers me is when the story is so slow and dragging on and on, I definately get so bored with that and stop reading. And when it's a series and the last few books are really disappointing, it's like the author is just writing the books just to get books out there for the series, and then they keep making more books for that series and you hope it's gonna make up for the last few but doesn't, that's another pet peeve. But other than that I love "love triangles", nothing like two guys fighting over :)


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 DOUBLE CLUTCH-Liz Reinhardt

Title: Double Clutch
Author: Liz Reinhardt
Series: Brenna Blixen, #1
Source: Review copy (author)
Read: November 18-20th
First Published: 2011
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 317
ISBN-10: 1466254440
ISBN-13: 978-1466254442

Amazon              Barnes & Noble

What happens when you fall for the perfect one day?
Brenna Blixen spent her freshman year homeschooling in Denmark; now that she's back in the States, she's determined to make her sophomore year unforgettable. And by unforgettable, she imagined awesome classes, fun friendships, and maybe a little romance. What she got was a whole lot of romance, and all at once. The same day that dark, brooding Saxon Maclean charmed her with his killer good looks and whip-smart wit, Jake Kelly stole her breath away with his heart-wrenching smile and intelligent, thoughtful focus. But Saxon is a proud player who makes it clear that he doesn't know why he can't get Brenna off of his mind and out of his system, and Jake's sweet and humble attitude hides a secret past life that might be darker and more complex than Brenna is willing to deal with. Complicating the matter is the fact that Saxon and Jake were once best friends and are now arch-enemies...and the more Brenna finds out about their connection to each other, the more intrigued and worried she becomes.Between keeping the peace with her lovingly over-protective parents, designing t-shirts for her high school's rising punk band, keeping up her grades in classes split between academic and technical high school, and running the track like a maniac, Brenna has enough to worry about with out juggling two guys who make her heart thud and drive her crazy all at once.

She has to make a choice, but how is she supposed to do that when giving her heart to one of them might mean breaking the other's?

My Review:
I am going to start off by saying that I do not normally go the self pubbed way..However i was delightfully tickled by this amazing book!
We find ourselves meeting Brenna, a 16 year old girl just home from Denmark. She has decided to go through a program called Shre Time..regular high school and tech school(she chose Graphic design). She finds herself torn between two guys, who seem to have more history with eavhother than they let on. Saxon is from her regular school and jake is from the tech school. Saxon is the "bad" boy in this books. I can picture him in all his "bad"glory..leaning against a wall..ohh..sorry I drifted there for a minute(hehehe)  Jake is the guy that is the sweetest out of the two. While he has his own bad boy quirks all around I think he is a sweetheart. you can just tell he has a major thing for Brenna. This book is filled with embracing moments. Times when we can all sit back and, that happened to me. I could really sympathize with brenna. I myself have been pulled in different directions by different guys.(Don't worry I'm married now!) I often found myself wanting to climb into the book and live the life right along side of Brenna.
I am usually  a paranormal girl but I must say this is a great book! It was a nice change from my normal everyday vampires and werewolves! I am so glad that I was asked to be a part of Liz's Double Clutch tour!
 Liz really did an amazing job and I look forward to hearing more about her and reading more books from her in the future!

You can find Liz HERE

I give it 4 Stars!

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Review: Under Wraps By Hannah Jayne

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Kensington  (March 2011)                                   

ISBN:0758258925 (ISBN13: 9780758258922)


Sick of wrongful-death lawsuits every time a full moon comes around?
Call the Underworld Detection Agency.

As a human immune to magic, Sophie Lawson can help everyone from banshee to zombie transition into normal, everyday San Francisco life. With a handsome werewolf as her UDA boss and a fashionista vampire for a roommate, Sophie knows everything there is to know about the undead, the unseen, and the uncanny. . .
Until a rash of gruesome murders has demons and mortals running for cover, and Sophie finds herself playing sidekick to detective Parker Hayes. Dodging raging bloodsuckers, bad-tempered fairies, and love-struck trolls is one thing. But when Sophie discovers Parker isn't what he seems, she's got only one chance to figure out whom to trust. Because an evil hiding in plain sight is closing in. . .and about to make one wisecracking human its means to ultimate power. . .

My Review:

Sophie Lawson is a administrative assistant at UnderWorld Detection Agency. Her boss is a werewolf, her roomie is a vampire, and she has a troll with the hots for her. Among all this-she is immune to any type of magic. The Underworld goes about it's business while the human population up top has no idea. Sophie is the only non-magic human at UDA. She is filing papers minding her own business when in walks a detective from up-top. Turns out there are some weird murders going on and he needs help. Sophie..completely drooling.. volunteers to help.
So she stes out on her journey to help determine who is commiting all these horrible murders..

She finds herself extremly attracted to the Detective(who has some secrets of his own) but between finding a killer and finding her boss(who came up missing) she has no time for her run away libido!

Pick this book up and tune in for a funny romace that will have you laughing, crying and chocking all at the same time.

Will Sophie catch the bad guy..or his he right under her nose all along?????

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Guest Post: M.L. Guida

We are excited to present to you The Finding Ms. Wright Blog Tour. Here's an interview with the third author from the new Finding Ms. Wright Anthology book coming out November 15th on ebook and November 25th in print. Thanks so much M. L. Guida for being with us today to tell about your story in the book.

History Behind the Anthology
By M.L. Guida

I actually started writing Cassandra about a year before the anthology started. I had
torn my ACL skiing at Copper Mountain, was laid up after surgery and wanted to write about
something I know which is skiing. I feel in love with my characters, Eric and Cassandra and
wanted to tell the story. When the three of us decided to write an anthology, I convinced the
other two authors to base their stories in the mountains. Cassandra’s story was set in Frisco,
Colorado, which is near Copper Mountain Ski Resort.
I added to Cassandra and strengthened the goal, motivation and conflict with all of my
characters. In fact, I decided to write a sequel so I had to make the villain, Gryffin the Torturer,
goals stronger. He needed to be more than a flat character. I knew I wanted to write about Eric’s
nephew, Toby. Toby was tortured in Cassandra and this impacts him in the sequel. You’ll have
to read what happens to poor Toby!
All of our stories were unique and have different depth of darkness, mine being the
darkest. I have knack for tormenting my characters. I believe I lean towards this, because of
my career as a social worker and some of the scary tales I have heard. I was raised Catholic and
Catholicism has lots of weird, strange, paranormal stories. I blended these together to create
stories. The supernatural has always been a fascination of mine.
My story was based on a sinkhole in South America. In this case, I surfed the internet
and stumbled upon a sinkhole in South America. The huge sinkhole sunk over 100 feet into
the ground. A highway had caved into the hole. I broke out in shivers when I saw it, because I
wondered what would happen if it stretched to hell and something crawled out. I took it one step
further and thought about my favorite mountain town, Frisco. What if a sinkhole happened in
the middle of the night at Walter Byron Park? Hmmm…what if a demon flew out searching for
his mate? Eric Wyvern comes to life for me. What would happen if the heroine could see ghosts
and a demon goddess from the Underworld? The demon goddess in my book is the Wraith, and
I have to admit she was fun to write about. She is shrouded in a dark cloak and all you can see
is her skeletal hands and red burning eyes. When she talks, she hisses. She is one of my favorite
characters in this book.
So, the next time you see a sinkhole, imagine where it would go? What lives down
there? What wants to escape into our world?

Chapter One

Cassandra Wright woke with a start. Sunlight peered through the half open red and gold drapes.
A matching dark red and gold comforter draped over her. Where was she? She sat up in bed
and looked around. Her best friend from college, Lilly Grace, lightly snored across the room in
her twin bed. Cassandra shook her head and plopped back down. That’s right. Skiing. She was
at the Galena Mountain Street Inn in Frisco, not on top of a snow bank with Mr. Hot Lips’s arms
holding her close.
Her long black U2 shirt-shirt bunched up around her waist. Sweat streaked down her face.
She rolled to the side of her double bed, grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and wiped her
forehead and cheeks. She moistened her lips. God, she felt as though she’d
finished running a marathon or at least one kind of marathon. Who ever thought that having sex
all night would drum up a sweat, a pounding heart and sore muscles like running in the Boulder
It had been him again. He vanished – a figment of her imagination. Like always, the same
hollow feeling swept over her. She would be alone.
Leaning against her headboard she caught her breath. Lilly flickered awake and
glanced over at her. “Cassie, why is your face so red? You’re sweating. Did you have
that same
dream again?”
Cassandra shook her head. “Yeah, but this time he was so…so….”
Lilly cocked her eyebrow. “That good, huh?” She gave her a teasing grin. “God, I haven’t
seen you blush this bad since we went to see the Bridesmaid movie last month.”
“I mean,” Cassandra stammered. She wadded up the tissue and threw it into a nearby
trashcan. “Come on, the opening scene – she’s practically screwing him ten different ways.”
Lilly tossed her black hair behind her. “You should have seen your face.”
Cassandra kicked the heavy quilt off of her. “Whatever.”
“God, Cassie everybody has erotic dreams, even virgins.”
Cassandra’s face burned hotter. She hated being the only one who guarded her virginity and
good ole Lilly never failed to remind her. The opportunities had been plenty, but how could
Cassandra explain it? No guy compared to the man in her dreams. An excuse? Maybe. Was
she a chicken shit? Definitely.

M.L. Guida writes paranormal romance. She is pursuing her
Master of Art in Creative Writing through Regis University. She
currently is a member of Colorado Romance Writers, Romance
Writers of America and Savvy Authors. For the past two years,
she was the newsletter editor for CRW and she was CRW’s Vice
President for 2011. M.L. Guida lives in Colorado and enjoys
skiing, taking her cocker spaniel, Sadie, for walks and traveling.

You can find her at

Finding Ms. Wright Blurb

Demon Prince Eric Wyvern must have Cassandra. Boldly, he kidnaps the gifted psychic
from a mountain inn, taking her to his dark underworld. Held captive, her key to freedom
is agreeing to his terms. Neither expects to fall in love and unlock the secrets that can save
both worlds. – M.L. Guida

Paranormal hunter Andrew Grant has less than a week to locate a stone and thwart a
wizard’s bid for ultimate power. Sia holds the key to his success and to his heart. Only
together can they discover love and save the world. – Hillary Seidl

Five hundred year old Prince Alexander needs a woman, and only archaeologist Evelyn will
do. Their magical kiss sparks more than mere romance – it creates a key that will open their
hearts to a true love that will save their worlds. – Lori Corsentino

Three men, each on a crucial mission to save their way of life, seek their true mates –
women who unknowingly hold the key to their very survival.

Release date November 15th.
Publisher 5 Prince Publishing

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ARC Review of Trance by Kelly Meding


Kelly Meding’s war-ravaged Los Angeles is ground zero for the ultimate Meta human showdown in this sexy, action-packed new series.
Fifteen years ago, Teresa “Trance” West was a skilled telepath and a proud member of the Ranger Corps. But ever since the Rangers were inexplicably rendered powerless at the climax of the devastating Meta War, she’s bounced from one dead-end job to another. Now her powers have reappeared just as mysteriously as they vanished— only they’re completely transformed and more potent than ever. And they’re threatening to destroy her.
Trance heads to Los Angeles to track down the surviving Rangers and discover who restored her powers—and why—but a phantom enemy is determined to kill them before they can reassemble. As they dodge his deadly attacks and come to terms with their new role as heroes, Trance and the rest of the team set out to annihilate the sinister madman . . . only to discover their own powers are his greatest weapons.


This is something really different than what I've read before, I've never read anything with super hero powers. And yes everybody says it's like X-Men and I'm a huge fan of X-Men so reading this worked out great. I've never read anything else by Kelly Meding's so I'm a newbie to her work. I really liked the book interesting characters with cool powers, I started out reading it slowly because I didn't know if I was going to be into it, but gradually I did. Interesting story and characters kept me going.
4 Stars

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Feature & Follow Friday

Q: Letter to Santa: Tell Santa what books you want for Christmas!

I would tell Santa to bring me any kind of paranormal books he can bring I'm not picky just gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!!! lol


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Review: Grave Dance

Grave Dance (Alex Craft, #2)Grave Dance by Kalayna Price

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After a month of down time, Grave Witch Alex Craft is ready to get back to solving murders by raising the dead. With her love life in turmoil, Alex is eager for the distractions of work. But when her new case forces her to overuse her magic, it might be the last mystery the Grave Witch ever gets to solve...

Grave Witch, Alex Craft is called in to consult on a series of serial killings, but this time her ability to raise the shades of the dead is not going to help much.Ther just isnt enough of the body left to raise a fact all that is left..are left feet! She seems to blindly go through the case and ends up stirring up more trouble than it's worth. The un-aligned fae are in danger and so are her seems Alex just cant do much right.

With death(thats what she calls her soul reaper friend) revealing his true feelings for Alex at the end of the last book--totally blind siding her----She doesnt know where things stand with him. Then there is Falin--the Winter Queen's Knight, aka..her bloody hands. Alex may or may not have feeling for him, and he completely up and disappeared!
As the story progresses we find out more and more about Alex and her heritage..she is not only a wyrd witch but she seems to be becoming more and more fae. It seems around every turn someone wants to grab Alex for thiemselves..wether it be for greed or political gain.

Follow Alex on a journey of mystery, love and excitment as she trys to solve a case, figure out where she fits in the world(maybe not even this world) and who she loves.

This book was wonderful! It had me laughing, crying and scratching my head all at the same time!

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Buy It Here:
Barnes and Noble

Review: Blood Of The Demon

Blood of the Demon (Kara Gillian, #2)Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Welcome to the world of Kara Gillian, a cop with a gift. Not only does she have the power of “othersight” to see what most people can’t even imagine, but she’s become the exclusive summoner of a demon lord. Or maybe it’s the other way around. The fact is, with two troublesome cases on her docket and a handsome FBI agent under her skin, Kara needs the help of sexy, insatiable Lord Rhyzkahl more than he needs her. Because these two victims, linked by suspicious coincidence, haven’t just been murdered. Something has eaten their souls.

It’s a case with roots in the arcane, but whose evil has flowered among the rich, powerful, and corrupt in Beaulac, Louisiana. And as the killings continue, Kara soon realizes how much there’s still to learn about demons, men, and things that kill in the night—and how little time she has to learn it.

Okay so here it it is.....

This is more a detective/forensic type novel...while there are paranormal elements( the main being that kara is a demon summoner-- it seemed to me like the main emphasis was more on the police work than the summoning. Given the fact that the public does not know about her summoning abilities.

However, dont get me wrong..I loved this book! There was just enough paranormal to keep me in it! karais a summoner so thats what she does..summons(lol)...a Demon Lord at that. By the end of this book you will be intranced in the way everything is merged..romance, police work, paranormal...I was! This is the 2nd book in this series and while there is a story arc it is also a stand alone novel, so either way you decide to read it it will read well!

I can not wait until I get a chance to read the next book in the series!

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Linger by Maggie Stiefvater Review


In Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver, Grace and Sam found each other. Now, in Linger, they must fight to be together. For Grace, this means defying her parents and keeping a very dangerous secret about her own well-being. For Sam, this means grappling with his werewolf past . . . and figuring out a way to survive into the future. Add into the mix a new wolf named Cole, whose own past has the potential to destroy the whole pack. And Isabelle, who already lost her brother to the wolves . . . and is nonetheless drawn to Cole.
At turns harrowing and euphoric, Linger is a spellbinding love story that explores both sides of love -- the light and the dark, the warm and the cold -- in a way you will never forget.


Well I loved this book just as good as the first book Shiver. The author writes so beautifully and brings the main characters out more and adds a new character Cole, read the book to meet him. I can't wait to read the last book Forever and sad that, that will be the end to this great story of Grace and Sam. I really recommend this series so far if you want to read something different in the paranormal genre, this series stands alone than any other series I've read.

5 Stars

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Feature & Follow Friday

Q: In light of 11.11.11 and Veteran’s Day tell us about your favorite soldier and how he or she is saving the world. Fictional or real life.

I have so many favorite soldiers..Many cousins and uncles, a grandpa
and In-laws. But I have to say that my dad is by far my favorite
soldier! He served in the Navy during Vietnam. i am so proud to have
him as my dad. He is such a tough man. Funny how as an adult we look
back and think...huh? I guess dad was just trying to teach me to be a
good person. He doesnt talk about the war much. He will if you ask
him, but he usually leaves the bad stuff out. he talks mostly about
the guys and the fun they had(which I know isn't much it was Vietnam
after all). He told me about this one time that he and a buddy of his
were on leave for 2 days and they got shnokered and passed out on the
beach...ended up with major sun burn all over them..They freaked
because back then "you were property of the US government"(his
words) they went back on ship and got 2 huge jars(he said they
were the size of mayo jars) of Noxema..and tried to walk around and do
their jobs like nothing was wrong or hurting!
.The men who fought in Vietnam are some of the strongest people I have
ever met..they put everything on the line for their country and really
got treated badly when they came home.
My dad will forever be my favorite soldier!
He has numerous medals and citations..but those dont matter much is
what he will tell you....
They do to me ,dad...and I know they do to the men you saved when that
plane crashed on deck...they also matter to every American who you
served to protect.

Thanks Dad.......and Thank You to all the men and women past and
present who chose to put their lives on the line so i could live a
safe and free life!

Here is a picture of my dad right before he started serving in the Navy.....



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Finding Ms. Wright Blog Tour

Well we are so excited to present to you The Finding Ms. Wright Blog Tour. Here's an interview with the first author from the new Finding Ms. Wright Anthology book coming out November 15th on ebook and November 25th in print. Hope you enjoy for the next two weeks as we interview the other two authors that helped write the anthology. Thanks so much Lori for being with us today to tell about your story in the book.

As a reader, I always wondered how authors developed their characters. In the books I truly
enjoyed, the characters seemed to walk of the page, sit down next to me, and tell me their story.
As I read, I would find myself totally associating and sympathizing with the heroine, and, of
course, falling in love with the hero. I would root for both of them to overcome whatever it was
they needed to overcome, and would sigh with relief, and satisfaction, at the happily ever after.
Wow – seeing it spelled out that way it all seems quite sappy. But I’m a romantic, and that’s
what I love. A sappy, happy ending.
Evelyn and Alexander introduced themselves to me at different times during my writing journey.
Alexander, I’m going to call him Alex, even though he really dislikes that, was first. He walked
right in one morning and started telling me all about how he was waiting for his love, The One,
to awaken him. And could I please get a move on, because he had things to do, namely capturing
an evil Wizard and stopping an inter-world war.
I got moving!
Evelyn came soon afterwards. I was working with my critique group at the time when she
finally noticed I’d been calling for her. She strode over and immediately introduced herself,
saying, “Hello. I’m Evelyn. Evelyn Wright. But you can call me Evie.” Looking over my
shoulder she watched me write notes. “What are you doing?” she asked.
And so she was born.
Getting these two together was quite interesting. I had a basic idea of where I wanted to go, and
what I wanted to so, and once I put it in motion, they just picked everything up and ran off with
it! It’s been quite an interesting ride, with many twists and turns.
I’ve discovered that Evie is a true study of contrasts. She’s hesitant, even suspicious at first, but
once she embraces something, she gives it her all. She is strong, independent, and willful, except
of course when has a weaker moment and needs to be held and comforted and surrounded by
love. To me, she sounds like a typical woman.
Alex, on the other hand, is strong, steadfast, and true. He knows exactly what he needs to do, and
how he needs to do it. He’s hard working and not above getting his hands dirty. He’s loyal to
his people and not above doing whatever it takes to protect those who he considers his, namely
Evelyn and his two sisters, Annora and Analiese. He’s also regal, arrogant, and haughty, but
what else would you expect from a Prince? So, I supposed in his own way, he’s also a study of
The chemistry between these two began immediately. As soon as Evie set eyes on her Prince, she
was enchanted. The story of how he came to be in the chamber where she found him fascinated
her, but she was sick with the thought that maybe she was the one and only person in the world
that could help him. There was such responsibility associated with the whole thing. But he
was just so hot, and there was much at stake, how could she say no? In true Evie fashion, she
pondered and questioned, then made up her mind, took hold of it all, and ran with it.
For Alex, it was love at first sight. She had rescued him from the purgatory he’d endured for
almost 500 years. How could he not love her? Being totally attracted to her was just a bonus.
He loved everything about her - her thoughtful periods as well as her manic. He admired her
independence and her strength, and adored her vulnerability and emotions. In true Prince
Alexander fashion, he captures her in a very large net that gives her the illusion of freedom, but
keeps her close to him. He always opens the net when she sees it and freaks out, but she never
quite leaves it. She’ll walk to the opening, turn and see him waiting for her within the net, and
goes back to him.
Now that’s love!
Together, these two can do anything. I hope they touch my reader’s hearts as much as they did

...That was only one of the facts that made the town unique. There was also the almost
pristine state of the structures. Abandoned buildings soon lost their human feel and fell into
disrepair, but this town was different. It was almost as if people had been living there until
just yesterday. Add the strange fact that although it was located close to several modern day
mountain towns, it had never been discovered.
It sure made you think twice.
Seafarers tell the tale of the Flying Dutchman – a ghost ship doomed to sail the seas
forever. Was this town similar, doomed to exist in a pristine state, but forever without people?
She had been busy pondering the supernatural possibilities of just such an occurrence
when her boot met with a heavy object strewn across the path. Whatever it was had halted
her forward progress and effectively trapped her foot. She’d hopped once, twice trying to free
herself from the entanglement, with no success. The conflict between her trapped lower body
and her advancing upper half caused her to lose balance. She’d fallen heavily, landing on her
hands and one knee. The impact scattering those pebbles along the path that were not trapped
beneath her palms, gouging into the tender skin. The thick material of her jeans had protected
her knees, but the loose rocks and gravel had stung as they poked and dug into the soft tissue
of her hands. She’d quickly sat back on her heels and dusted off her hands, looking for blood.
There hadn’t been any, but the indentations and discoloration where the larger rocks embedded
themselves indicated she would likely have a bruise or two come morning. A quick query of the
rest of her only turned up a slight throb in her right knee. She’d rolled over onto her hip and then
sat down in the middle of the path, rubbing the soreness out.
She remembered thinking “What the hell did I trip over?” before she’d looked around. She’d
seen the sword almost immediately. It had been laying there, in a scabbard, along a mountain
path in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
And she’d tripped over the damn thing. What are the chances?
Looking at it, she’d been fascinated, almost enchanted. It hadn’t been just any old sword. It
was shiny and long, with a jewel encrusted hilt, and housed in an elaborately decorated metal
scabbard. Without thinking, she’d reached out and picked it up.
The second she’d touched it, the metal emitted a thrumming noise and a low vibration,
almost as if the metal were singing. A pulse had run from her hand up her arm and into her
shoulder. In the next second, she’d gone from being sprawled along a forest path, sprinkled
with bits of sunshine filtering through the fragrant pines, to sitting on her ass in a fancy covered
enclosure of some kind.
And all she could think was “What the hell just happened?”
Evie looked around her, trying to gauge where she was in the available dim light. The
spacious chamber that held her was circular and constructed from what looked to be blocks
of white stone, possibly marble. It was a large space, so much so that she had to crane her
neck from side to side to see the entirety of the room. Several darkened alcoves intermittently
branched off from the main chamber.
The space vaguely resembled an inner sanctuary of a church, or perhaps a very elaborate
tomb. She’d never been to the Taj Mahal, but she’d seen pictures and this place did bear some
There was no noise, no low thrum of traffic. No sweet song of birds or the hushed
movements of animals. It was comfortably warm, so much so that she could feel neither
warmth nor coolness. It was a perfect environment - calm, comfortable, and quiet. There was
an odor, but it was hard to place. Neither pleasant nor unpleasant, Evie found it unusual yet
familiar, rather like the scents she experienced the last time she was treasure hunting in her
grandmother’s attic.
“I should have listened to you, Momma.” Evie’s voice rang out through the chamber, echoing
wildly as it ran along the arched ceiling. There it splintered into multiple veins before returning to
her in a cacophony of sound.
The perverted distortion gave the appearance of others in the chamber, their voices flowing
over hers in waves. Each new swell resembled her, but it was not her voice.
She couldn’t see well enough to be sure, but the sounds around her indicated she may
not be alone in the dim light. Her fight or flight instinct immediately kicked in, sending an
unpleasant surge of hot adrenalin bursting forth from her gut. It burned as it spread through her
body. A sheen of perspiration soon coated her overheated skin, the contrast making her feel
agitated and trembly. The horrifying thought that she could be trapped with someone or worse,
something left her terrified.
What the hell was going on here?...

Lori’s love of reading has transcended to include penning her
own tales of romance. She is experimenting with writing in
several different genres, including paranormal – a definite
favorite. “There is just so much you can do when you step
outside the known world,” she explains “and creating a
paranormal story allows you to take yourself and your readers
anywhere your imagination wants to go!” Her debut novella,
Evelyn, will be published as part of the Finding Ms. Wright:
Three Tales of Extraordinary Love anthology available from 5
Prince Publishing in November.

Finding Ms. Wright Blurb

Demon Prince Eric Wyvern must have Cassandra. Boldly, he kidnaps the gifted psychic
from a mountain inn, taking her to his dark underworld. Held captive, her key to freedom
is agreeing to his terms. Neither expects to fall in love and unlock the secrets that can save
both worlds. – M.L. Guida
Paranormal hunter Andrew Grant has less than a week to locate a stone and thwart a
wizard’s bid for ultimate power. Sia holds the key to his success and to his heart. Only
together can they discover love and save the world. – Hillary Seidl
Five hundred year old Prince Alexander needs a woman, and only archaeologist Evelyn will
do. Their magical kiss sparks more than mere romance – it creates a key that will open their
hearts to a true love that will save their worlds. – Lori Corsentino
Three men, each on a crucial mission to save their way of life, seek their true mates –
women who unknowingly hold the key to their very survival.

Release date November 15th.
Publisher 5 Prince Publishing

Body of Sin by Eve Silver

Body of Sin (Otherkin, #4)Body of Sin by Eve Silver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lokan Krayl is the son and right hand man to Sutekh, chaos Lord of the Underworld. He has been decieved by his "father" and now finds himself in a null place after being murdered by Sutekh. He needs to get back..for his daughter Dana. She is the one he ultimately died to protect. Enter Brynja..the woman whom he had Dana with..

Theirs is a rocky relationship,you see she didn't tell him she was pregnant. After a one night stand she took off and never looked back. lokan has a hard time with this and eventually finds her and finds that he has a child. Which blows his mind since Soul reapers can't have children(or so he has been told).

So Lokan is stuck in this null zone, a place where souls can be trapped never to go on to the underworld. He is fighting to remember who he is and how he came to be there. His brothers have fought to put all the pieces of him back together to send his body back to him in the Null zone.

So now he has his body back..but not his life....

Enter Brynja..the one woman who ran from must run to him to help him get through the Twelve gates of Osiris' realm. She has had to make a pretty tough decision that will ultimately tear their family apart..just as it was coming together.

~WEll written..i was biting my nails to the very last page. Made me laugh, made me cry, but mostly made me smile! Eve has once again hit it out of the park with this one. I cross my fingers and wait to see if there will be another in her series.....

Loved the fact that even though i had read this series from the first all the way to this one..if I hadn't i would still be able to follow the story. It is suspensful,romantic, and hilarious..a wonderful combination to keep everyone rivoted until the very end!

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Been A While

Hello all!

I just wanted to say that as a new blog we are just getting our bearings and figuring this all out. I know it seems like its a while between our reviews but there is a purpose behind it..I promise!

We feel that in order to give a complete, honest and satisfactory review, we will not rush..we will not half complete books, and we will not be pressured to do any of those things.

A good review is written by someone who has the knowledge they need in order to form a complete and honest opinion. If we were to rush through the books that we review would that be acceptable to those of you who come here to find things that would interest you?

I think the answer is would not be acceptable.

I want to thank all of our loyal followers who have not complained and still continue to follow us.

We <3 you all!

Stay tuned for more reviews and a giveaway closer to the Holidays!!!!!

~Reading is my Addiction~


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Blood and Fire

Blood and Fire (McClouds & Friends, #8)Blood and Fire by Shannon McKenna

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is not my typical genre so i have to say I was diving in blind. The story was rather good..kept me rivited to the pages i found myself wondering if things were just a little far fetched at times. There is a lot of bcak story about each chracter in the book, and while normally I love that in a book, this time I think it went a little too long in places. Still if you like romantic suspense i have to say this is definately a book you want to check out. It was funny(although i'm not sure if it was meant to be) in places, and sad in others( the first page almost made me stop reading altogether)...

Definately check it out if you are more of a suspense romance type person!!!

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My Review of Chosen by Blood

Chosen By Blood (Para-Ops, #1)Chosen By Blood by Virna DePaul

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Knox is a vampire, also the leader of his clan in his moms stead. He is totally in love with FBi agent Felicia...but she has been avoiding it since he married her Best friend. Knox finds himself asked by the FBi to lead a special team to find the vampire antidote. Now dont be thinking its a cure for the vampire because it isnt! i wont tell you what it is an antidote for because i'm not into spoilers but it's not what you think :)This team is a combination of a were, a vamp, a mage, a psychic, and a human. They all have a problem with at least one other individual on the team and that makes for a fast and sometimes laugh-out loud novel!

The characters in the story all have varing degrees of trust issues...I thought it was a nice addition to the story. I was drawn in from the get go and stayed with it through the end. i will definately be reading the next one in the series. With all the diverse characters..from vamps to wraiths it really kept my attention. I look forward to reading more about Knox and Felicia as well as the rest of the Para-ops team!

Do not miss this series! Funny,exciting and sometimes brought a tear to my eye! It has everything I look for in a book!

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Mind Reader Blog Giveaway!!!

Hi All!!! Stop by the link below and check out the awesome giveaway! Excellent chat with jana Oliver and a giveaway!

Mind Reader: A lovely chat with Jana Oliver: Hi all! I had the pleasure of chatting with the awesome Jana Oliver after her Demon Trappers Tour. I won't stress enough saying that she i...

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Feature & Follow

Q: If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

I would want to have dinner with Eric Northman, and i don't care what we have to dinner or if we have dinner at all.....;)

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My Review for The Deadliest Bite

The Deadliest Bite (Jaz Parks, #8)The Deadliest Bite by Jennifer Rardin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have always liked the Jaz series! In this last book we find Jaz up to her usual heroics and craziness. The cast of characters are wonderfully written. All of them are unique in their own ways from Astral(the robo kitty) to Jaz herself. Each one is faced with extrodinary challenges, and I was pulled in from the start. Jaz has to go to hell(literally) one last time to free herself from Brude. brude is a demon who has attacked Jaz and now resides locked behind a door in her head. Teen Jaz(also in her head) and real jaz locked him there to keep him from taking her over. All sounds a bit weird doesnt it? Well..thats not all..she has a boyfriend who is a vampire..friends who she just recently found out got married(without her knowledge) a robot cat who farts grenades and a friend who made it out of hell only to find out that in a while he will be dating Jaz's neice(who is still a baby!)

I am saddened that this is the last book in the Jaz series.

If you want a kick-butt, hilarious, mouthy heroine this is definately the book for you!

*go check out the rest of the series won't be disappointed!

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