Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blood Trade by Faith Hunter is Released today! (BBB-Giveaway)

So, today is the release day of Blood Trade. #6 in the Jane Yellowrock series. I fell in love with this series. Not only because Jane is cherokee(and so is my hubby), but because she is strong, funny, and takes no crap. Plus she is a skinwalker. She has the spirit of a mountain lion within her. She can turn into Beast, that's her mountian lion spirit, at any time. She can also take the form of other animals, but prefers to stay around the size of a mountian lion.

Anyhow, today has a lot happening. If you head over to Bitten By Books you can enter to win a giftcard, plus get to know Faith a little more!
Here is a link to the giveaway:


ANd if you want to support Faith (and Jane) you can buy the newest book at Amazon, B&N

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  1. Hey I'm Cherokee as well. I really need to catch up on these, I read the first three and loved them, but then life got busy and fell behind.