Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never Again by Michele Bardsley


Welcome to Nevermore, Texas, population 503, where witches and wizards live side by side with humans, and where witch Lucy Rackmore is in trouble. Ever since her former lover snuffed out her magical abilities, everyone in town is looking to settle a score with her family. And Lucy's only hope for survival may be her ex-brother-in-law-whom her sister betrayed and nearly killed.

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The town of Nevermore is in some serious trouble!!! Lucy, a run away witch, and Gray, her ex-borther in law make for a really interesting pair. The way they have to come together when both really don't want to will have you biting your nails! I am not going to put a lot of details into my review because I have a really bad habit of saying too much---and I really do not want to spoil this one for you!

However, I will say that it was a good book..definately one I couldn't put down. The characters were nice..funny and crazy at times.I have to say this book was really good! i lvoed the dynamics between the characters. At first i thought that it was missing something--i couldn't put my finger on what but definately something...then about halfway through...BAM...ther it was and I was super happy!

Definately go out and read this. if you don't want to take a chance on buying it then at least borrow it from your local library. It is definately worth the time to read!

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