Friday, September 9, 2011

Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

August 2nd 2011 by Berkley    Storm's Heart (Elder Races #2) by Thea Harrison

                                                       This book was AWESOME!!!!!!
I have to say that the dynamics between the two main characters in this 2nd book of the Elder races from Thea are great!
We find ourselves continuing through the Wyr life ....only we are following Thistle "Tricks" Periwinkle on her journey of discovery this time. She is heir to the Dark Fae Throne and has been hiding out amongst the Wyr's...with the most feared of all Dragos Cuelebre, as his PR girl. She finds herself in some pretty precarious positions  when Wyr sentinel Tiago comes to save her. Tiago is a Thunderbird..and let me tell you...he sounds like a magnificent man! He comes galloping(or rather flying) to Tricks' rescue and is a typical stubborn man...She wants him to go...He wants to stay. Sounds like the typical romance novel right/                                                                        WRONG!!!
Thea has done an excellent job of weaving the world in which the Elder races live. I was captivated from the very start. I could almost see everything in her novel right outside my window. The sex scenes are steamy...the men are dreamy...the world is a wonderful place!!!!!
You have got to give this a read!

I Give this one  5 Stars!!!!

Happy Reading!

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