Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Body of Sin by Eve Silver

Body of Sin (Otherkin, #4)Body of Sin by Eve Silver

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Lokan Krayl is the son and right hand man to Sutekh, chaos Lord of the Underworld. He has been decieved by his "father" and now finds himself in a null place after being murdered by Sutekh. He needs to get back..for his daughter Dana. She is the one he ultimately died to protect. Enter Brynja..the woman whom he had Dana with..

Theirs is a rocky relationship,you see she didn't tell him she was pregnant. After a one night stand she took off and never looked back. lokan has a hard time with this and eventually finds her and finds that he has a child. Which blows his mind since Soul reapers can't have children(or so he has been told).

So Lokan is stuck in this null zone, a place where souls can be trapped never to go on to the underworld. He is fighting to remember who he is and how he came to be there. His brothers have fought to put all the pieces of him back together to send his body back to him in the Null zone.

So now he has his body back..but not his life....

Enter Brynja..the one woman who ran from must run to him to help him get through the Twelve gates of Osiris' realm. She has had to make a pretty tough decision that will ultimately tear their family apart..just as it was coming together.

~WEll written..i was biting my nails to the very last page. Made me laugh, made me cry, but mostly made me smile! Eve has once again hit it out of the park with this one. I cross my fingers and wait to see if there will be another in her series.....

Loved the fact that even though i had read this series from the first all the way to this one..if I hadn't i would still be able to follow the story. It is suspensful,romantic, and hilarious..a wonderful combination to keep everyone rivoted until the very end!

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