Tuesday, December 6, 2011

eARC Review: Dreaming of the Wolf by Terry Spear

Jake, (the pack leader) is very upset when he goes to deliver his art to the gallery and finds that it is closed. But his mood lightens when he spots a lovely and mysterious woman. It brings up questions of who is she and how can he meet her?

Alicia is a bounty hunter (recently acquired position) and is on the hunt for her newest target Mario. She is taking this one personal because Mario is possibly involved in her mother’s death.

 Jake (the handsome stranger) saves her from drawing  un-wanted attention to herself. They get along great. But can these two put aside their pasts and make it work?

Alicia has problems with feelings. Feeling towards men, she has a general squick factor when it comes to being emotionally involved with men.

So I was anxious to see where this story was going to lead. I was pleasantly surprised, as I am sure you all will be too!


This was a quick read. It had action and the scenes were well written. There is chemistry between the main characters that is completely natural. It makes you wonder if they truly are fictional characters or based off of real life people.  I loved the fact that the dynamics between characters was so smooth. I cannot say this enough time…I have read too many books where the relationships seem strained almost forced. This book was a smooth read. Seamless even. I had no problem following the story and finding myself immersed in what would happen next.

I loved the fact that both main characters noticed each other from a distance. It was all mystery and romance. It was a nice change from the usual stuff for me!

Anyhow overall it is a good quick read. Action, Romance, a little laughter (at least for me)

Definitely worth the time to read this one guys!

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