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Girls Guide To Witchcraft-Mindy Klasky

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 480 KB
  • Publisher: Res Ipsa Press (November 4, 2011)
  • Language: English

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    The Blurb:

    Which is more unlikely?
    Meeting a single, straight, reasonably attractive, willing-to-commit man?
    Or discovering a secret cache of magic books?
    For good-girl Jane Madison, neither has a shot in hell of coming true -- until the day she finds a hidden room . . .
    Now she's done a bit of experimenting and found a spell that makes her irresistible to men -- even those who have previously ignored her. And another that turns a cat into her witch's familiar (a snarky, critical, self-absorbed man -- pretty much a typical male). Though her impulsive acts of magic have brought a warder (sexy, grouchy, elusive and determined to stop her from using magic) down on her, Jane's not willing to let go of this fantastic new life.
    Though she wonders about having things that aren't "real," she's having too much fun to stop. After all, no one ever said being a witch was easy . . .


    Jane Madison is a reference librarian at Peabridge Library in DC. She loves her job, but always feels like life is rather boring. She is about to find out that boring will never again be in her vocabulary. When the main librarian tells Jane that the board is cutting costs and her salary will be greatly reduced, she just doesn’t know what to do.  She doesn’t want to have to leave the library and her IB (that’s imaginary boyfriend). SO she comes to an agreement and gets to move into the cottage behind the library—RENT FREE!!  Now she is able to stay at the library and admire her IB, James. He of course has no idea she has the hots for him and they both go on about their own business (until later in the story, but I don’t do spoilers) So, with the help of her BFF Melissa, who by the way owns the best bakery ever, she moves into the cottage.

    Little does she know that the night she decides to check out the basement will be the night that changes everything she knows.  In the basement she finds a ton of books, odds and ends, and a rather large cat statue. She speaks from one book, and all of a sudden there is a man standing there. Enter Neko, the silly familiar. It seems Jane just unlocked her witchy powers (she really isn’t too happy to have her life thrown upside down). Upstairs she goes only to have a rather large and imposing man come to her door and tell her she shouldn’t have done what she had. (Mind you this is after she utters a spell that she really shouldn’t have J )The wonderfully gorgeous; albeit cranky, man is David and he is her Warder. The job of a warder is to protect their witches from harm. She sure is going to need that warder because all through the book Jane gets into curious and sticky situations. Take James for instance,  just wait until you read what he does. I was so mad!!   Anyhow, I absolutely loved this book. It is a great change from the dark and dreary readings that I usually do. It was nice to see all of the relationships intertwining and coming together just like many of mine have here in reality. Jane is a special gal, she is stubborn, smart, witty…but she also has a little bit of self-doubt, which I think puts her right there with just about every woman in the world.

    I was laughing and biting my nails at times through this one. If you are ready for a different kind of paranormal Jane Madison is your woman!


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