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Fright Court--Mindy Klasky

Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 368 KB
Print Length: 260 pages
Publisher: Res Ipsa Press (September 21, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
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Here is the Blurb:
Sarah Anderson has found her dream job: Clerk of Court for the District of
Columbia Night Court. Dream job, that is, until she’s attacked in the open
courtroom by a vampire defendant. And until she’s forced to take self-defense
lessons from her boss, the enigmatic vampire James Morton. And until she learns
that she can’t share the truth about any of that with her best friend, Allison Ward – even over delectable cupcakes from the Cake Walk bakery.Soon,
Sarah is surrounded by vampires, griffins, and sprites – all members of a secret
supernatural court. And when a deceptively easy-going reporter starts to ask
questions, Sarah wonders just what answers she is supposed to give….

Sara is a wayward college drop out. She has tried so manyjobs that even I was thinking Holy Crap! She has finally found the job that shereally wants to do. Clerk of Court for the Night Court in DC. Her first nightof work she is taken into the courtroom where she proceeds to get the shock ofher life. This is no ordinary Night Court; this one is filled with vampires and
other beings. She stands there in shock as a door opens in the floor and out
comes the prisoner. Unfortunately that isn’t all that shocks her. She is
attacked by that very same prisoner and nearly drained. Her boss, ever charming
(sarcasm here) James takes her from the room and into his office. It is there
that she is given his blood to heal. Sheis introduced to a whole new world that she never knew existed. Then he triesto fire her. Oh but Sara is a head strong individual and will not have it. She is bound and determined to have this job. She vows to get over her fear and really
do a great job. Amidst the training (James said she needed to defend herself)
and the filing of papers Sara finds herself thrown in the middle of a century
long court battle with a vampire who has been draining humans. She decides that
she can help. She makes some mistakes along the way, like telling her best
friend Allison about vampires. It kills her to not tell her. Well, Allison
freaks out (who wouldn’t? Well besides us paranormal lovers). James finds out
and has to erase her memory. Now Sara is upset that she must keep this secret
from her BFF. That’s not all though, she is on the hunt for a killer,
kidnapped, told some astounding and life changing news. Through the story Sara
learns a lot about herself and finds she may just have eyes and feelings for
two very important and very different characters. She meets lots of different
people from all ranges of paranormal society, and could she, organized and
mostly defenseless Sara share something with them all????

I loved this book! Ithad just the right amount of funny, drama, violence, and Love! Sara is a
dynamic character who like me is a little awkward but a lot smart. She is a
strong character and enhances the book with her witty remarks and crazy antics.
I was absorbed in this book from start to finish. I loved the flow and I could
really feel the awkwardness when Sara felt it. At the end of the book I still
had some unanswered questions, but what good book answers them all??? It was an
exciting and refreshing change from the regular paranormal that I normally
read. I was a laughing, mouth-hanging open, nail biting woman as I read this
book. I really hope that Mindy decides
to continue on in this series.

I highly recommend this book. It will lift you up and spin
you around on a crazy, fun filled paranormal trip.
Until Next Time Lovelies
Happy Reading

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