Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magic and The Modern Girl--Mindy klasky

           Format: Kindle Edition
           File Size: 489 KB
           Publisher: Res Ipsa Press (November 4, 2011)
           Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
           Series: Jane Madison Book #3

The Blurb:

Librarian-witch Jane learns a magical lesson the hard way: use it or lose it! Her neglected powers are disappearing before her eyes, her handsome warder David Montrose is ignoring her, her cat-like familiar has moved out of her home, and her family life is in chaos. (Really — what octogenarian grandmother decides to get married — and with orange-and-silver bridesmaid dresses?) Jane stakes everything on one last-ditch spell — only to find that magic has a way of making its own complications.

Jane has been neglectful and she has no one to blame but herself. She has lost everything that meant anything to her, but she isn't sure if she cares or not. She is at odds in this bbok, Not knowing if she wants to continue on the magic path or just be a "palin Jane". She finds herself put against overwhelmingly bad odds to  bring her magic back. Her basment has been a virtual holding tank for all of her magical items while she has negleted to use them, and now they are disappearing and turning to dust. She needs her handsome Warder and crazy familiar, but they seem to have other things to do with their time. She is torn between being who she used to be and embracing who she is meant to be.
So far this is the last book in this series, That makes me very sad :( I loved watching Jane as she made her way through impossible circumstances and crazy relationships. Her life seemed so much like mine (well minus the magic ;) I felt a connection to her that only a few stories have brought to me. She has been zany,stubborn,lovimg and zany again and I find that I miss reading about her. I do like how this book turned out though. It has a few surprising twists and the ending had me smiling and filled with warm fuzzies :)
It was really fin reading this and I think that even the man in your life might enjoy the Jane Mdison series as much as I did. While it is slightly lacking in the action department it makes up for it in the relationship and magical departments. I am not going to wirte anymore about this book because I have a overwhelming desire to spoil it! I will say that you will love this one as much as the first two. I only hope (and Hey, i will beg if I have to!) that this series will continue on. I have thorughly enjoyed this and I hope you all will too!

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