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Interview with Mindy Klasky & Giveaway

First off i would like to extend a huge Thank You to Mindy for taking the time (and a chance) on a little known Blogger. I have really enjoyed reading all of the books in all of her paranormal series and I highly reccomed them to all of you. Also, as you will notice in the questions---I really want the books to continue (LOL) and my questioning proves it :)

I hope you have enjoyed my reviews and you will all go out and support this wonderful author. Before we move on to the interview here is how you can contact her:

Facebook Author page: Mindy Klasky
(you can also find her if you search her name)


Mindy Klasky learned to read when her parents shoved a book in her hands and told her that she could travel anywhere in the world through stories. She never forgot that advice.
Mindy’s travels took her through multiple careers. After graduating from Princeton University, Mindy considered becoming a professional stage manager or a rabbi. Ultimately, though, she settled on being a lawyer, working as a litigator at a large Washington firm. When she realized that lawyering kept her from writing (and dating and sleeping and otherwise living a normal life), Mindy became a librarian, managing large law firm libraries. Mindy now writes full time.
For years, Mindy’s dating life was a travel extravaganza as well. She balanced twenty-eight first dates in one year, selecting eligible gentlemen from sources as varied as Washingtonian magazine ads, Single Volunteers of D.C., and supposedly-certain recommendations from best friends. Ultimately, she swore off the dating scene entirely. After two years of carefully-enforced datelessness, she made one last foray onto, where she met her husband – on her first match.
Mindy’s travels have also taken her through various literary genres. In addition to her Harlequin Special Editions, Mira, and Red Dress Ink books, Mindy has written traditional fantasy novels for Roc (including the award-winning, best-selling The Glasswrights’ Apprentice), short stories, and nonfiction essays.
In her spare time, Mindy quilts, knits, and tries to tame the endless to-be-read shelf in her home library. Her husband and cats do their best to fill the left-over minutes.


1: What inspired you to start writing in the paranormal genre?

Years ago, I used to believe that all of my story ideas were in the fantasy genre – I grew up reading Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis, and other traditional fantasy authors.  I wrote several rather dark fantasy novels, and I wanted a break from the grim secondary worlds I had created.  One day, stretching for something that felt COMPLETELY different from the dark, depressing world I'd been working in, I sketched out an idea for a novel:  "Jane Madison has a problem.  Or two.  Or three."  And that was the beginning of my being a paranormal romance author.

2: In the Jane Madison series she is a very stubborn gal, Are you anything like her? Or even any of your other characters?

Jane and I have a lot in common – we're both librarians, we both have a love of Shakespeare, and we both have a tendency to imagine that the absolute worst is going to happen in any given situation.  (That said, we have some differences, too.  I'm still looking for my witchcraft familiar!)

I instill each of my characters with a little bit of myself.  My love of baking got transferred to Melissa in the Jane Madison series.  My former work as a stage manager got shifted to Kira Franklin in How Not to Make a Wish.  Even my life as a lawyer influenced David Montrose, when he is at his prosecutorial best!

3: Who are your favorite Authors and what are you currently reading?

I read a lot of different authors, skipping around between middle grade, young adult, historical romance, and contemporary romance (with a healthy dose of non-fiction and random other books tossed in.)  Right now, I am fascinated by the fantasy-romance of Stephanie Dray's historical series that starts with Lily of the Nile (about the daughter of Cleopatra and Mark Antony).  I've also been enjoying the light contemporary romances of Kristan Higgins. 

4:What initially made you decide to start writing?

I have written stories since I was in elementary school – in seventh grade, my best friend and I decided to write a sequel to The Lord of the Rings.  (Alas, we never finished it…)  After years of playing at writing, I became serious when I was working as a litigator at a major Washington, D.C. law firm – I needed something that was completely different from the day-to-day grind of practicing law.

5: What is the most challenging part of your writing?

Starting.  I find it incredibly difficult to start writing each day – there are always a hundred and one distractions to keep me from typing those first few words.  (Similarly, I find it difficult to start each new novel – I try to trick myself by writing an outline, so that it feels as if the work is already in progress.)

6: Do you have more books planned for any of the series’ I have featured this week?

Next up, I'm going to be writing a novella that bridges the worlds of the Jane Madison series and Fright Court (both are set in Washington, D.C.)  After that, I'm planning on another Jane Madison novel, and then another Fright Court novel.  Whew – I just need another couple of months to get added to this year!

7: If you had to choose one genre to stick with which one would it be?

I love writing light contemporary paranormals, stories about real women in unreal situations.

8: Is there anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

It's always fun to hear from readers, by email, or in comments on my website.  Readers' comments do influence what I write; when readers say they want to hear more of a particular story, that story becomes a higher priority.  So don't hesitate to stop by and tell me what you think about my books!

9: Can you give us a little insight into Kira from How Not to Make a Wish? Did her character just come to you or is she based on someone you know?

I stage managed plays all through high school and college, so the professional aspects of Kira's nature came to me naturally.  I also used to live in the Twin Cities, so Kira's Minneapolis home felt familiar.  As with all my characters, though, Kira is a composite of a lot of real friends and acquaintances (and a fair amount of made up people, too!)

10: What made you decide to carry the As You Wish Series the way you did?  With each book being a stand-alone did it make it harder when you were writing them?

With the As You Wish series, I wanted to give readers a chance to drop in anywhere in the series, without needing to read the books in order.  While Teel, the genie, continues from book to book, the other characters are all new, telling a totally self-contained story.

That method of storytelling was somewhat challenging – I needed to create a new world for each volume, figuring out new characters, new settings, and new background details.  But that's part of the fun of writing too!

11: Are there any plans to continue on with another book that comes after Fright Court?

I look forward to telling the next story about Sarah, James, and Chris.  While they'll figure into the (currently unnamed) novella that I hope to release this spring, they won't get their own full novel until next year.  (I hope to release that in January or February, but part of that schedule will depend on other writing commitments.  There aren't enough hours in the day!

12:  Okay, so now that I have asked you all those deep and meaningful questions----What would be your perfect paranormal date?

I'm much more of a "beta" girl than an "alpha" girl.  While I've adored writing about alpha heroes like David Montrose (a man who can take charge of any disaster in an instant!), my heart secretly melts at quiet, supportive guys like John, in How Not to Make a Wish.

As for specific paranormal creatures to date?  My heart is already taken, so I won't kiss and tell J

13: What is your favorite type of character?

My favorite characters – heroines, heroes, or villains – are complex.  They have multiple layers.  They have self-doubts.  They don't always know the straight path toward their ultimate goal – sometimes they have to wander a bit, testing themselves (and their friends, and their lovers…)  I like characters who feel real, rather than superhuman, perfect specimens.

14:  If you had to take only 2 books with you to a deserted island which ones would they be?

Bulfinch's Mythology (think of all those myths that can be retold in the modern era!)

Can I cheat and take an entire encyclopedia?  I love learning new things every day!

15: My final question, and one I know is bugging everyone who has read any of the books in the featured series-----------Do you have any more books planned to keep any of the series’ going??

Jane Madison:  The next project will be a novella in the spring, and a new novel in the fall.

Fright Court:  A novella in the spring and a new novel next winter.

As You Wish:  Nothing planned at the moment, but that can always change – just as soon as I come up with another story about a magic lamp, a woman in need, and a hero waiting in the wings!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and answer my questions. I have thoroughly enjoyed having  Mindy Klasky week here at Kristina’s Paranormal Books. If anyone has any questions for Mindy please feel free to ask :)

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